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Using cards



Who can work with them?


 Managers / people who lead others and entire teams (potential talents for the position of leader)
 Coaches, consultants, trainers, HR people
 Anyone who wants to develop in working with people

Self coaching cards for managers back side TrioHow are the cards used?

   The way to use them, You can choose according to your individual needs. If you're the type of person who likes proven procedure, I offer one of the possible methods of using the cards in this guide.

   Please answer the following questions:

What has been occupying your mind the most recently?
Into which of the pre-offered categories would you classify your situation?
Which photographs do you identify with most in your situation?

   Then spread the cards out and choose 2 - 3 cards from the chosen category and read the questions on the back. If the photo is not connected to your particular topic, draw more cards until you find a topic that reflects your situation.

   If you have chosen 2 key cards, there will be a total of 8 questions listed on the back - select those you find interesting and which are related to your chosen topic. Then order the individual questions by their importance to you and gradually try to answer them. The path to a solution, or the solution itself, is concealed in your answers.

   Whether you select additional cards from the given category is up to you, depending on how deep and thoroughly you want to investigate this area. It's also up to you whether or not you write down the answers. However, it's been proven that topics that are labelled and written down are more easily grasped and are therefore semi-resolved.

Self coaching cards for managers Joker

   In addition, you've got a universal card, a joker, which is a set of questions that can be used in any area.

   The ideal solution also depends solely on you and; how specifically you want to grasp the given topic. It also depends on how you trust your thoughts and the answers coming from

"the best inside YOU".

I dare to claim based on my experience that people themselves have the best and most effective answers inside them; they just need to find and grasp the source within them, to ask and to get suitable answers. This is because we ourselves are the most valuable guides!


Ľubica Takáčová hopes that you find a lot of useful answers





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